Energy Efficiency

Implementing Energy Efficiency

We have provided energy efficiency advice and implementation assistance to industrial and commercial businesses  for many years as accredited consultants since the days of the Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme, Action Energy and The Carbon Trust. 

10% Savings-----------20% Savings------------30% savings

From our experience the first 10% savings typically originate from low and no cost opportunities. The second 10% savings typically from justifiable projects. Beyond this, savings typically require strategic capital investments.

We base our activities with our customers around the tried and tested improvement

We pride ourselves on operating as independent professionals solely for the benefit of
our customers.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Reduction Surveys

We will survey your business to identify the most cost effective opportunities to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs

Strategy Development and Target Setting

We will help you set your strategy and targets for the short, medium and long term to meet the financial and environmental objectives of your business.

Continuous Performance Measurement

We will help you develop and implementation energy efficiency performance measures to illustrate and track improvements and fault conditions.

Sustained Savings

Few businesses sustain savings beyond initial project implementation. we will introduce the management systems necessary to monitor initial savings claims and sustain them long term.

Energy and Carbon Management Training

We will provide general awareness training or detailed technical training to suit the respective audience aimed at making behavioural changes.

Steering Committee Guidance

We will attend your steering committee to help guide and promote your ongoing activities.